Red/GreenTraffic Baton Compact Safety Switch

Red/GreenTraffic Baton Compact Safety Switch
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Red and green flashing traffic wand with pressure safety switch.

Samllest of our range of traffic batons and ideal for banksmen this has Red/Green LED's with 3 modes of operation and our unique pressure switch that brings an addtional element of safety to banksman operations.

Press the power button to operate the red flashing LED's, press and hold the button down to operate the green flashing LED's and release to revert back to the red flashing LED's.

The concept is simple, you have to press the button down to get the green LED's to flash so if something happens to the banksman i.e. stumbles over and falls the light switches back to red if pressure on the button is released - simple concept which we believe is a great contribution to safety particularly on construction sites where surfaces are often uneven with plenty of potential trip hazards. 

Superbly compact compact, the 18 high output red and green LED's are highly visible and we believe you will be truly amazed by the performance of this light wand.

In sequence the traffic wand with its single push button operation produces:-

  • Red flash
  • Green flash when button pressed down
  • Red flash when button released
  • Off

Its translucent light sleeve measures just under 15cm with a handle of 13cm giving a combined length of just under 28cms and a circumference of less than 3cm's

It uses 3 x AAA batteries rather than AA batteries used in other models and weighs in at just 132gms with batteries inserted.

Thanks to the high specification red and green LED's used in this wand it is as bright as any within our range however as a consequence of high output LED's and smaller batteries the operational runtime, subject to battery quality, is approximately 8-12 hours.

The wand has a belt clip and a magnetic base allowing deployment on metallic surfaces with the magnet being strong enough to support the wand vertically. (Note that this wand is not compatible with our tripod stand).

This light wand is compact enough to be comfortably attached to Hi-Viz jackets using the Klickfast range of carrier systems, it then provides a highly effective personal safety light which can quickly be unattached and deployed in its role as a hand held marshalling wand.

Made from ABS and polycarbonate,  its small size and light weight construction also contribute to making the light robust, the reduced weight making it less prone to damage if dropped and the narrow circumference adding more rigidity to the overall design.

Although very compact, having such a large number of LED's makes them highly visible and when tested by the RAF were discernable at 800m (subject to ambient light conditions).

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