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LED safety lights for traffic control and construction site safety or any place where large volumes of traffic road or aviation need to be signalled

Posted by in on Nov 12, 2020 .

We get asked frequently why do you not have rechargeable traffic wands? On the face of it rechargeable traffic wands seem like a great idea, indeed we used to supply them several years ago and have other rechargeable products in our range however having supplied many thousands of traffic wands, listened to customer feedback  and seen how these products are used (and sometimes abused) we decided to withdraw recharegable wands from our range.

The reasons are many and varied but fundamentally we became concerned with the risk that presented itself with wands being a hand held product and as such are prone to user mishaps particularly...

Posted by in on Jun 04, 2018 .

We added a range of road cone traffic lamps this year with the sequential flashing traffic cone lamp in particular breaking the boundries in terms of offering a great value lamp that does not compromise on quality. We appreciated that the life expectancy of lamps on our overcrowded roads and motorways was pretty finite with literally hundreds being destroyed nationally on a weekly basis. 

Hence the introduction of cost effective lamp certified to EN12352:2006 standard to provide traffic management organisations an opportunity to replace lost or damaged lamps and make significant cost savings whilst still being able to utilise many...

Posted by in on Sep 18, 2017 .

If you are a fan of Star Wars and have watched the latest installment  of the movie franchise you might have seen the rebel forces taking off in their space ships aided by our aircraft marsahlling wands.

They have seen them in all of the most recent film's and we get a buzz knowing that althought they are not the biggest of our customers they are certainly the ones been used most far far away!

There are of course more earthly applications, banksman, aircraft marshalls and construction workers - always in stock and available in a wide variety of colour options.

Just to note our traffic wands are very bright having as many...

Posted by in on Sep 29, 2020 .

January saw the introduction of a brand new, extremely compact yet highly effective police personal safety light with a toothed spring loaded clip ideal for fixing the light to uniforms and garments.

We have also incorporated a docking stud on the KB03-FIXSTUD version so that they can be fixed to any of the Klickfast range of docks used throughout the UK police forces.

Using CR2032 power cells as an alternative to AA or AAA batteries and the latest flat LED's its a quarter of the weight and a third of the size of our standard police duty light's. 

Despite its size, performance is still  impressive, the KB03 is highly...

Posted by in on Sep 29, 2020 .

With the dark nights now with us we are promoting safety and our LED armbands are on offer whilst stocks last at a much reduced price of £2.99 per pair!

Velcro fitting and adjustable they are wide enough to fit around bulky clothing such as hi-viz jackets and can be positioned on the arms or the legs

These are ideal for workers, recreational joggers, runners, cyclists and horse riders as well as for commercial and professional applications such as refuse collection personel, banksman, construction workers and construction crew, surveyors, aviation marshals, security personnel etc.

They are priced to sell and are the most...

Posted by in on Mar 17, 2014 .

Lafarge Tarmac have recognised the contribution our latest traffic wand has made to site safety by putting it forward into a national safety awards competition.

By adopting the concept widely themselves the traffic wand with a pressure 'safety' button flashes green only as long as the switch is pressed down, should the operator drop the wand or release pressure it reverts back to a flashing red function. 

On busy construction sites where slips and trips are a constant hazard this simple but effective measure can make all the difference to banksman/operators directing heavy plant and machinery and it could help prevent a crush...

Posted by in on Jun 03, 2013 .

Most traffic wands are used as a hand held visual signalling torch but with the compact traffic wand and a few Klickfast fittings you have a wand that is small enough to attach and wear on the person.

Extremely bright these wands can be worn and quickly detached whenever they are needed, wearing them not only gives you the opportunity of illuminating the user but also keeps them close to hand as its surprising how many users put down a wand and forget where they left it.

Posted by in on Aug 19, 2013 .

We mentioned last month a new product innovation that incorporated a unique pressure sensitive safety switch into one of our most popular designs of traffic baton. This our compact red and green flashing traffic wand is designed for banksman operations where the banksman may be moving over uneven ground as found on most construction sites. 

Imagine the scenario where the operator trips or falls whilst guiding a vehicle and the traffic wand is still signalling green - there's a risk that the vehicle driver continues to proceed as they only see a green light - now with the pressure sensitive button the light reverts back to a red...