Blue Police LED Armbands

Blue Police LED Armbands
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With 3 light settings the blue LED armband can be left permanently on or has two eye catching flash patterns designed to attract and alert motorists to a police presence.

Lightweight, each police armband uses 2 AAA batteries which can provide up to 24 hours of continuous light output when used in flash mode.  AAA batteries are cheap and easy to obtain and make the police armband practical and economic to operate.

Each armband has 12 blue LED’s the light can be seen at distances of up to 400 metres during the hours of darkness thanks to a lens which covers each LED which has the effect of magnifying light output.

Hook and loop fastening means the police armband can be adjusted to the size of the arm with adequate adjustment to fit over bulky garments and it has an epaulette attachment which prevents downward slippage when worn .

Weather resistant and made of durable reflective material, the reflective armband is also resistant to shock and impact and will typically exceed the life span of traditional police personnel safety lights which tend to be more prone to damage if dropped etc....

This highly effective unit was designed specifically as a blue police light and provides a positive contribution to the safety of traffic police officers working in low light conditions.

Ideal for specialist units such as mounted police and police cyclists, with bold POLICE text helping to differentiate officers from other road users in hi-viz clothing.

The police blue LED armband was designed to offer a greater degree of all round visibility when compared to traditional police safety lights which typically emit light in the direction of wear only.

Part of our police safety equipment range and an effective piece of kit to add to your police duty equipment, use the menu bar on the left to see other items that can improve the visible presence of police officers whilst on active duty.



We developed the Knight Duty Police armband specifically for the police,  the hands free, 360 degree light output a pair of armbands affords an officer provide an additional element of saftey when working in low light conditions..

NOTE: For Welsh Police authorities or orders from other countries we can, subject to a minimum order quantity, alter or change the text and accomodate different languages.

Suitable for...

Police traffic management particularly motorway units,  mounted police horse units, police cycle and bike patrols etc...


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