Knight Flare Hazard Light Blue

Knight Flare Hazard Light Blue
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The Knight Flare (KFlare) is brand new emergency services warning beacon which benefits from having multiple modes of operation and both blue and white LEDs that make this hazard light more versatile than some costlier alternatives.  

A unique twin lens design maximises the 360 degree light output and with a powerful white LED on the top of the unit it makes for a good wide area torch or if used in an aviation capacity and when seated in its rubber holder, an upward shining light ideal for aircraft landing operations.

The multiuse Knight Flare has a simple single push button operation which operates its 3 modes:-

Mode 1 - Rapid Pulse Blue Light

Mode 2 - Solid/Constant Blue Light

Mode 3 - Torch White Light

The lens design maximises the light output of the 8 LEDs that provide the main 360 degree light function whilst a powerful lens magnifies the output of the single white LED that provides the torch function.

For aviation deployment the coloured LED's can be used to provide horizontal indication of the designated aircraft landing zone whilst other K-Flares set to output white light indicate to the pilots that they are directly above the designated landing zone.

Visible at over 1km distance this warning beacon with its low cost, simple and versatile functionality and general robustness is quickly becoming a favourite with our existing emergency services and aviation focussed customers.

It uses 2 x C cell batteries and so is a compact and relatively lightweight unit which is particularly relevant for emergency vehicles where space and weight considerations limit the kit a vehicle can carry. Total weight including batteries is 229 grams.

Impact and water resistant the multiuse hazard light is a robust unit and cleans very easily. Having a sealed push button operation with no external rotating lens cap removes the risk of wear on o-ring seals and ingress of dirt and moisture which have been factors that have impacted on the long term performance of its main competitor.

With an optional rubber base mounting unit that has projections and anchor points the light can be stood upright on any surface and a traffic cone rubber mounting accessory allows it to be located on top of traffic cones.

With high street branded C cell batteries expect to obtain 30 hours continous use from a pair of batteries if on flash setting.



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