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LED safety lights for traffic control and construction site safety or any place where large volumes of traffic road or aviation need to be signalled

Posted by in on Aug 19, 2013 .

We mentioned last month a new product innovation that incorporated a unique pressure sensitive safety switch into one of our most popular designs of traffic baton. This our compact red and green flashing traffic wand is designed for banksman operations where the banksman may be moving over uneven ground as found on most construction sites. 

Imagine the scenario where the operator trips or falls whilst guiding a vehicle and the traffic wand is still signalling green - there's a risk that the vehicle driver continues to proceed as they only see a green light - now with the pressure sensitive button the light reverts back to a red...

Posted by in on Oct 21, 2013 .

Here's what a pilot said about our high specification Traffic Wands :-

The first test was battery life, I put in three new Duracell AA batteries, turned it on to flashing mode on tuesday morning and placed it on the balcony. Although it faded by the second day in sunlight at night could still be seen for 300m and possibly further but buildings only allowed me to view to that range. The traffic baton was still flashing seven day's later when I needed to replace the batteries for a job.

Second test was the drop test, during the batons time on my first floor balcony I knocked it off by accident, it just kept on flashing, no damage...

Posted by in on Aug 21, 2018 .

We now have new stock of our hi-viz aircraft marshalling wand which has a day-glo effect light sleeve and handle making it ideal for day and night time operations on airfield aprons.

Using 2 x C cell batteries the light wand has slow flash and  constant on light  functions. A single 1W LED bulb located in the handle illuminates the length of the aircraft marshalling wand with a soft light so as not to adversely effect night vision yet it is still  visible at distance @ 300metres.

This is a robust wand better able to withstand drops of up to 6ft so should be considered as an alternative to other wands if used in a demanding...