Aviation Marshalling Wand

Aviation Marshalling Wand
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Rugged orange day-glow illuminated traffic marshalling wand powered by 2 x C cell batteries with 3 modes of operation:-

  • Rapid Flash (10Hz)
  • Slow Flash (3Hz) and
  • Solid light.

Its ideal for the aviation sector or deployments where the traffic wand may be subjected to very robust use - i.e. if you are having a lot of wands coming back to you damaged try this one it bounces better!

Unlike other traffic wands in our range this wand projects light into a hi-viz orange sleeve, this has less of an impact on night vision yet is still visible at ranges of 500 plus metres. Also by having fewer electronic componenets there's less that can be damaged by high impact drops, we have drop tested onto concrete from a height of 9 foot with no damage.

The light sleeve is made of a highly visible 'day-glow' orange plastic which makes it suited for day time airfield apron operations when the illumination function is not necessary.

With batteries installed this traffic baton weighs 217gms (142gm with out batteries) and has an overall length of 36cms with the day-glow sleeve being 20 cm's long. It has diamter of 11cm which is comfortable hand fit.

A powerful 0.5w white LED (which has a life time of aproximately 100k hours) projects light into the light tube, a reflecting collar making the unit highly effecient projecting all the light forward.

We have also incorporated a magnet into the battery housing base cap and a wrist lanyard.

 Made from high impact materials PP, PC & PCBA with O-ring seals and a large contrasting blue rubber power switch to provide all round weather protection.

Although we label this an aviation marshalling wand it makes for an ideal banksman's torch being practical, robust and bright in both day and nightime working conditions.

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