Blue/Red Traffic Baton & Tripod Case 4 Units

Blue/Red Traffic Baton & Tripod Case 4 Units
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A set of 4 emergency services blue and red traffic batons with 4 tripods in a rugged, cushioned storage case.

This kit has been put together for emergency services vehicle use, it's lightweight versatility makes it an ideal police or fire rescue warning beacon which can be hand held or tripod mounted.

They can provide 360 degree light output at the scene of an incident or vehicle checkpoint. With a magnetic base they can also be mounted on vehicles, metallic objects or obstacles.

Using just 3 AA batteries in each traffic wand, the high effeciency LED's project an amazing amount of light for up to 12 hours subject to battery quality. Please note these traffic wands are designed for low light and night time operations. 

A single push button activates the 5 modes with a red flash, blue flash and two red and blue combination flashes which mirror the type of effect seen in emergency vehicle light bars. The final function is a white LED torch feature that projects a useful light out of the end of the traffic wand.

The combined weight of this kit in its case is less than 2kgs in a case which measures 45cm x 30cm x 10cm compared to some traditional police beacons this represents a considerable weight and space saving. 


RTC's and vehicle check points
Traffic Management at large events - football grounds, concerts etc...
Road closures



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