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Traffic Cone Toppers cn be dropped onto any traffic cone with a max. nose dim 8cm's to provide a highly flexible barrier system between traffic cones (or a traffic cone and anything the tape can be tied to).

With 3 fixing points on each Cone Topper and a single 9 foot length of red and white chevron patterned nylon tape, barriers can be erected in series in various configurations ideal for isolating roadworks, directing pedestrians or vehicles, highlighting a hazardous area etc.

Unlike rigid barriers these are compact and can be placed on top of items that are resistant to being blown over and unlike disposable tape they are reusable. A spring action retracts the tape back into the Cone Topper housing after use.

Ideal for construction and maintenance works, identifying hazardous or no-go areas, cordoning off walkways and identifying lanes of traffic flow. These have become particularly useful in the recent COVID 19 pandemic in retail outlets where they are used for creating barriers and walkways for shoppers helping to keep people distanced from each other.


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