Amber Traffic Baton Long

Amber Traffic Baton Long
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Amber constant and Amber flash pattern with nose cone torch feature, a superbly effective highly visible traffic baton ideal for aircraft marshalling and traffic control.including banksman.

The traffic wand has a magnetic base enabling it to be mounted to stationary metallic objects/vehicles as well as having a useful LED torch function, it can also be supplied with an optional tripod for elevated deployment.

At 37cm’s long with belt clip and wrist lanyard the traffic baton is  portable, lightweight and has extra length that is suited for long distance signalling i.e. banksman use.

With a traffic cone adapter the traffic wand can be deployed as an effective road marker in the nose of a traffic cone, it’s 360 degree output make it a highly versatile road safety product.

The light is fully sealed and waterproof to 2m depth , made of a transulcent polycarbonate light sleeve and tough ABS handle its both lightweight and resilient to damage.

Visible at distances in excess of 500 metres its ideal for airport apron operations, banksman signalling and general vehicle/person direction control.


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