Blue Police Personnel Safety Light + Klickfast Stud

Blue Police Personnel Safety Light + Klickfast Stud
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This is the KB01 with a KlickFast stud permanently secured to the rear of the light. Designed to be attached to the Klick Fast range of docking accessories found on most modern police, fire and emergency services uniforms.

Not only can the KB01 be fixed to uniforms but when used with the range of KlickFast docks we supply you also have the option to securely attach a flashing blue police light to virtually any item you wish.

The self adhesive Klick Fast dock can be stuck to most surfaces, so for example a light weight police incident sign of the kind carried in most police patrol vehicles could have a self adhesive dock stuck to the front.

Attaching a KB01 to the docking station gives you a warning beacon that will last comfortably throughout the hours of darkness - remembering that these lights with good quality batteries will flash for 300 hours plus when on their lowest power output setting.

The light is securely attached to the police sign, it will deter theft, is lightweight and presents little risk to persons and vehicles if impacted and importantly very low cost compared to traditional police beacons.

With 5 operating modes & horizontally mounted offset LED’s this emergency services light is in use with many of the UK’s police authorities which include Strathclyde, Lothian and Borders Police, Metropolitan Police , Devon and Dorset constabularies and many others.


Highly efficient


More than 300 hours of continuous use was obtained using a single pair of batteries when the blue Knight Light was independently tested by the West Midlands police force with the light on its maximum flash setting! With 5 settings performance can be optimised to suit the circumstances of its deployment and maximise battery life


High light dispersal


5 blue LED’s in a horizontal line each positioned slightly off centre providing greater movement and more directions of light travel than other blue light devices using single blue LED’s or ‘strobe’ effect lights



Low cost 


Utilising 2 x AA batteries replenishment costs are minimal and performance is optimised.


Operational Usages:-


· Blue police LED light ideal for traffic incidents and traffic direction 


· Identification of police personnel in crowds


· Aerial identification of police officers on the ground 


· Public reassurance – advertise a police presence whilst patrolling 


· Counter the argument ‘I didn’t see a police officer’  it’s difficult to miss!


· Aid in locating police personnel who might be incapacitated and unable to communicate


· Use as a warning light on obstacles, traffic cones, stranded vehicles etc...

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