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Sequential flashing traffic cone lamps that activate when placed on a traffic cone and automatically syncronise using advanced IR technology in whatever sequence they are deployed.

The Knight Beacon sequential cone lamp complies to EN12352 standards but is economical priced as we know that many such lamps are lost or damaged on our busy road networks. In the competitive world of TMS affordability is a big plus!

However do not mistakenly think that economy impinges on performance, with a 1W bright LED the lamp produces 30CD when flashing (L7 CLASS) and 2CD brightness in between its flashing sequence (L3 CLASS) it makes a good account of itself when compared to its much more expensive rivals.

Its simple design offers an added advantage in that some of the components are interchangeable, we did this purposely as operatives said they often salvaged parts from damaged lamps to make a complete functional unit - lenses and battery housings can be replaced or swapped and spare kits can be purchased. 

The lamp switches on automatically when placed on a traffic cone and a quality battery (not supplied) coupled with modern LED technology can give the lamp an operational running time of up to 1000 hours between battery changes.

12 month manufacturers warranty against defect.

They comply to EN standards and perform highly favourably when compared to much more expensive products. We appreciate that lamps will be damaged during service and so we make them affordable. Furthermore components can be replaced, a bonus when a lamp has not been completely destroyed as you can swap a lens or battery cover!

Lamps can be deployed between 2M - 15M apart with a + -10 degree offset. When aligned and communicating with each other, an indicator light flashes on the rear of the knight Beacon lamp showing rthat the IR signal is been recieved correctly.

Studies have shown that sequential flashing lights modify the driving behaviour of motorists prompting them to alter lanes earlier promoting safer driving.



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