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Welcome to Knight Duty

Our Knight Duty website is as the name suggests, intended to serve those who work in low light conditions where our range of battery powered LED inspired products help augment safe working practice by bringing light into the equation!

With LED's being so efficient in terms of power consumption, durability and light output we have put together a comprehensive range of products with supporting accessories that we hope all sectors will benefit from. So whether its aviation landing light, police personal safety light or warning chevron or traffic wand - we have them all with availability immediately from stock.

Collaboration is key to our success and continued growth, we aim to provide products that benefit the user, enhance their working experience and contribute to their safety. We are always ready to listen to organisations and individuals alike in order provide the right kit for the right job.

Should you have any requirements, suggestions or ideas for new products please contact us at info@knightduty.co.uk and together we can explore the possibilities which may help us to help you.

Recent Articles
  • Police Drone Operations Police Drone Operations Jan 26, 2022

    Police Drone Op Footage   Police Drone Op Footage 2 We noticed Police drone operators conducting an operation in a quiet residential side street and lent them an evaluation set of our latest Knight Pod light so that they could place an illuminated cordon around their area of...

  • NEW - Aircraft Aviation Lights - Knight Pods NEW - Aircraft Aviation Lights - Knight Pods Oct 15, 2021

    Visible at 6 miles at 3000 Feet! West Midlands Police Drone Unit Operation   Police Drone View From Above We had a customer contact us regarding a recent order they made for our Knight Pod Aviation Landing Light in a rechargeable case set of 6 units.  They...

  • NEW Banksman Safety Wand NEW Banksman Safety Wand Oct 15, 2021

    Our latest traffic wand design introduces a two button operation so that traffic marshalls (often reffered to as banksmen in the trade) can continually cycle through red and green signalling modes using the unique pressure switch which has to be pressed and held to operate the green...

  • Rechargeable or non-rechargeable wands Nov 12, 2020

    We get asked frequently why do you not have rechargeable traffic wands? On the face of it rechargeable traffic wands seem like a great idea, indeed we used to supply them several years ago and have other rechargeable products in our range however having supplied many thousands of...